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Sleeping Bags

Buy from our huge range of quality sleeping bags - Adults, kids, synthetics, down, performance... Various styles, price points, colours, designs and ratings. We stock trusted brands such as Roman, Blackwolf, Caribee, Equip and more.

Get a Good Night's Sleep Wherever You Travel with our range of Cosy Sleeping Bags

If you're looking for the the biggest range of sleeping bags in Australia look no further than our online store

Our massive sleeping bag range has been developed to provide travelers with products to ensure a good night's sleep. For example, Blackwolf's sleeping bags are made with high quality insulation materials for the best warmth-to-weight ratio achievable.

We also stock sleeping bags from Roman, Blackwolf, Equip and Caribee featuring temperature rating systems which are suggested guidelines to help you find the ideal sleeping bag, approximating the minimum temperature at which that sleeping bag will give you a comfortable night's sleep.  If you’re sleeping in a tropical 15 degrees overnight, you might only need a light sleeping bag, with a rating of +10 degrees - perfect sleeping bag in Australia's summer months.  If you’re sleeping in a frosty 0 degrees you probably need a more heavy duty sleeping bag, rated -8 degrees.  You should also take into account personal factors, such as if you like to sleep warmer or cooler.

Our Range of Sleeping Bags also inlcudes down and synthetic sleeping bags from 2 to 4 season ratings for basic warm weather camping to mountain, alpine and expedition bags.

Sleeping bag Liners & thermal reactors are also available to increase the temp range of your bag and to keep it clean

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