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Paklite Travel Luggage

Paklite Travel Luggage.

Paklite Travel Luggage

Paklite has a proud heritage and well established position within the Australian luggage market. With close to 50 years of experience in the travel goods industry, Paklite continues to be a brand at the leading edge of the luggage market.

For many years Paklite has traversed the world with travel connoisseurs and adventurers of all types, providing them with quality luggage to suit their travel needs. Luggage today has evolved to become more than just a suitcase to carry your belongings with you.

Style, Quality and Innovation are all key components in our design philosophy. Paklite strives to provide luggage that is fashionable, innovative and practical. We remains focused on continuing the evolution our product collections through constant development, research into market trends, and by keeping up with the latest changes in manufacturing techniques and component technology

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