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Explorer Waterproof Equipment Cases

Explorer Waterproof Equipment Cases.

Explorer Waterproof Equipment Cases

In the water-proof cases industry GT Line, in the market since 1970 in the professional tool cases,, with its Explorer Cases product range is beyond a doubt the company most devoted to innovation out there on the market.

Our high quality products undergo through meticulous and daily research, guided by feedback from end-users, our distributors, and the market as a whole, as well as a careful evaluation of our competitor’s products and the continued exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts with those fields in which our products are used (Military, Broadcasting, Diving, Marine, Photography, Industrial, Safety, Medical, etc.)

Explorer Cases are manufactured entirely in-house at our factory in Crespellano (Italy) and undergo rigorous inspection at every step of their manufacturing.

Our product range is continually expanded every year with new and improved models and accessories.

Notwithstanding all this and the continual increase in the overall cost of raw materials and production, GT Line makes, as it always has, every effort in terms of keeping its prices low thereby facilitating the job of its distributors and enabling the end-user to enjoy the excellent characteristics of its products

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