PACSAFE Anti-Theft Travel Gear

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Pacsafe as a brand is dedicated to providing products that are innovative and offer a great deal of security for travellers.

Outpac Designs are the makers of Pacsafe products; Outpac Designs was founded in 1998 by two Australians that adore seeing the world and love the exciting adventures that traveling offers up. They have a comprehensive understanding about travel and know from personal experience that you don’t want to have to worry about the safety of your belongings when you are off on your latest trip.

Where did the idea for Pacsafe come from?

The original concept for Pacsafe was born when the co-founders were in South America and they observed people wrapping chicken wire around their bags to stop the goods inside being stolen.

Pacsafe was created soon after with its slashproof, interlocking security system system labelled: eXomesh.

Pacsafe specialises in anti-theft travel gear

In case you haven’t been acquainted with Pacsafe before now, it is the premier brand for slash-proof, snatch-proof and tamper-proof luggage that can be bought in all shapes and sizes to protect your valuables when you are travelling.

High tech materials are utilised alongside components especially designed for their strength,The end result means that all eXomesh products are strong, durable and reliable as well as safe.

The four key components of the eXomesh technology are:

-          A protective centralized cell constructed from slash-proof, high tensile stainless steel

-          A revolutionary nylon laminate cover

-          Wire reinforced straps and belts that are snatch-proof

-          One of a kind tamper-proof locking devices constructed from stainless steel and polycarbonate.

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