Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013


So your dad loves the outdoors and you still don’t what to buy him for Father’s Day? We’re here to help you out! We have come up with some special ideas for Father’s Day that will show your dad how much you love and appreciate him – and know him!



A quality pair of binoculars may just make your dad’s day. Does he love to watch birds? he is a regular at the footy and other sporting events? Or maybe he loves to hunt… With this gift for your father you know that he will never miss any detail again and can spend many happy hours taking in the world around him.

Handheld GPS


Does dad have a rotten sense of direction? Is he always getting lost while you and your mum wait fretful hours waiting for him to come home safe from every fishing trip? Two words for you, HANDHELD GPS. Give him the tools for successful navigation this Father’s Day and make sure that he never gets lost again – oh and extra points from mum as well.


champrescuetoolsuper tool

Multi-tools have to be the coolest gadget ever and I bet that dad secretly thinks so too. It is not always practical to carry an entire tool kit when camping and frankly he doesn’t need to if he has an ultra-handy multi-tool at his side. For repairs, can opening, fishing & hunting. Dad will be able to take charge, and you know he loves to, with a tool that has a solution for everything.

Turbo Tent

lite fs 240turbo300Turbo Lite Basecamp plus fly 240

Does dad need a new turbo tent so that he can relax when away in the Australian bush? Turbo tents are quick to pitch, with heaps of ventilation and a special awning all in a great package that will make sure that dad has the perfect solution for camping. He’ll be so excited he will want to  try it out straight away in the back yard!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013

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