Cooking and Camping with Gas Stoves

Camping equipment for cooking

Cooking when you are camping can be easy even when you are on foot and on the move there are great “fast and light” stoves to ensure that you can cook up a feast at the end of the day.

Camping stoves used to be so difficult, they were heavy and awkward to use and cleaning them was a nightmare. These days just choose a “pocket rocket”, “simmerlite”, “whisperlite” or one of the other fast and light stoves to take care of all of your cooking requirements.

But even when you are using one of these essential accessories there are some things that you need to keep in mind whenever you use it:

1.       Rules and regulations

When you are using a gas stove in the outdoors always check the regulations where you are. Some areas don’t allow you to cook on campfires or on devices that use an open flame…

2.       Pots and pans

Some people go to the trouble of buying a fast and light stove to minimise the weight of the gear that they are carrying but forget to test the weight of their pots and pans.

Aluminium and stainless steel are generally lighter and if you choose ones with a black finish they will increase the time needed for cooking but be more resilient when it comes to the flames from the stove.

3.       Cooking surface

When looking for the perfect cooking spot find a flat, even surface to set up that is away from anything that is potentially flammable.

4.       Fuelling up

Before you go away make sure that you know what kind of fuel that you need and have enough for the time that you will be away. Always use the fuel specified by the manufacturer.

5.       Cool down

Make sure that the stove is completely cool before you disassemble it after use. The fuel cylinder and attachments need to be removed prior to packing.

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