Hydration Pack Information

Dehydration is a dangerous condition. When you are out and about being physically active make sure that the daypack you take with you contains a sufficient amount of water to account for the heat of the day as well as the physical exertion.

Bottles of water can be cumbersome and difficult in your travel pack. Sometimes they leak, get buried under other items or left behind at rest stops. If this is an issue that you’re encountering maybe it is time to consider using an hydration pack instead of your regular hiking backpack. Hydration packs are generally small to medium sized backpacks, daypacks or waistpacks with the difference being that they have inbuilt hydration capability containing a reservoir or “bladder” commonly made of rubber or flexible plastic. There is a  bite valve at the end of the plastic to release the water and it can be conveniently slung over the shoulder so the wearer can access water without needing to take off the pack.

Anyone can use a hydration pack. There are styles, sizes and weights to suit all different types of activities.

You may consider using one of these special travel packs if you:

-          Hike/Bushwalk

-          Birdwatch

-          Run

-          Cycle

-          Hunt

-          Rock climb

-          Ski/Snowboard

Hydration packs need not be limited to extreme sports though; they’re just as useful in preventing dehydration in other forms of activity such as shopping about at a local market or sightseeing! To see our extensive range of  hydration packs click here.

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Caribee Time Traveller 26

Caribee is a household name in Australia and has been for a long time. With many years of experience creating outdoor and travel gear Caribee knows what you need and go out of their way to design products that are not only the highest quality but durable and practical as well.

They have a longstanding commitment to their Australian supporters to continuously improve their product range and create new and innovative offerings that will make getting out and about a whole lot more enjoyable.

The Time Traveller  Product range is a perfect example of Caribee’s ability to create luggage that is ideal for any destination. The perfect luggage if you have a desire to mix business with pleasure.

The Time Traveller 26 is a 26 inch wheeled travel pack that converts to a backpack. The size of this luggage is deceptive but rest assured it has a 70 litre capacity. You can pack a huge amount inside and categorise with the handy internal zip pockets.

This luggage is versatile. With a well-concealed action back harness in moments you can convert your travel bag into a backpack for those situations where carrying makes a whole lot more sense.The zip housings can all be locked up to prevent thieves tampering with the valuables in your bag and Caribee have included some extra external pockets when you are packing the bag on your back for those things that you need to access easily, including a handy zip up pocket to fit your water bottle.

For when you want to wheel your bag, volt free external wheels make this incredibly smooth and easy and an aluminium push button trolley system ensures that your bag is right behind you every step of the way.

Caribee Time Traveller 26 Backpack view Caribee Time Traveller 26 wheeled travel pack Caribee Time Traveller 26 close up of wheel