Blackwolf Releases New 2013 Turbo Tent

In October 2012, Blackwolf released some dramatic changes to their already popular Turbo Tent range.

The most notable was the changes to the front awnings.


Old style front awning (pre 2013)


New and improved 2013 front awning

The overall size of the awning has been increased as well as the adition of the ’3rd pole’ for added durability and stability in windier conditions.

The new awning also makes available the ability to add on the new Front Panel and Side Panels. Another new addition to the 2013 Turbo Tent Accessories range.


The new panels now give you the option of extending your Turbo Tent by effectively converting your awning into an additional room perfect for extra storage room and/or protection from the elements.

A much simpler and cheaper ‘add on’ than the Turbo Tent Superfly, Basecamp and Screenroom. These all still have their pros and cons… its just the panels make an ‘easy’ addition

At, we have seen a remarkable uptake on the new 2013 Blackwolf Turbo Tent range… especially seeing customers couple the tents with the panels.

The popularity and reputation of the Turbo Tent took a tumble in late 2011, early 2012 with a bad run of quality issues that of course Blackwolf jumped on to rectify as quickly as possible with a re-vamp in early 2012 but now the 2013 model has taken the range a big step forward incorporating public feedback and versatility into the improvements.

These include

  • improved Heavy Duty PVC for flooring
  • improved waterproofing seams on floor and fly
  • front awning – 3 pole construction
  • front awning – size
  • improved gusseted windows
  • full range of spare parts made available

So, now with the Blackwolf 2013 Turbo Tent range and the Blackwolf 2013 Turbo Tent Spare Parts, camping or 4wd touring has just become easier, sustainable, more comfortable and even more reliable than it ever was.